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In Jewell, Iowa, we believe in working hard, building business, supporting the economic wellbeing of our families and our community. We're committed to revitalizing the downtown, preserving our history and throwing one heck of a party while we're at it!

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"There's nothing to do in jewell, ia"

      Why Main Street? Why now?      

Jewell: A Main Street Community has been an accredited Main Street Iowa community since 2019.

The results speak for themselves.

Two female volunteers sitting outside their business handing out candy for Jewell Iowa Trick or Treat event


New Downtown Businesses in 2023

A Board member sets up Christmas decorations in Jewell, IA


community events in 2023

A line of people waiting to get candy


volunteer hours in 2023

The local difference

Shopping local in Jewell, Iowa is vital for having a  vibrant community and supporting local businesses that are the backbone of our economy. By choosing to shop at local stores and markets, we have the opportunity to contribute directly to the livelihoods of their neighbors and friends, helping to sustain jobs and preserve the unique character of Jewell. 


Supporting local businesses often means purchasing products and services that are carefully crafted and curated with your needs and preferences in mind. Shopping local also generates a positive ripple effect that provides support of other local initiatives, from community events to infrastructure improvements. 


In Jewell, Iowa, we're about investing in the prosperity and resilience of the entire community.

Two ladies stand next to the Easter bunny during Hop Around Downtown event
Two male volunteers help with yard work


Join us today!

Have you ever joined an organization just to be asked to sponsor every event and donate to every cause? Well, that's not how we do things around here at JADE. Being a member means you get to tap into a powerful network of community members who are committed to standing shoulder to shoulder to make Jewell a place worth living!

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